The most effective solution is a chew with an insect attraction tab, are both placed in the sub-tunnels or Tunnels that lead to the moles dens.   

The products is not harmful to your pets. 
The product is placed in the ground between 10 inches to 36 inches.  



We use a probe to help locate these key locations  in the ground.  With some trail & error, we found that if we can located these tunnels compare to the surface tunnels that we both can see, its more effective. Putting bait in surface tunnels are not as effective.  The moles will not always use these tunnels again.  This is why most have no luck with steel traps.   

The product takes a few days for moles to even come across and eat the product.  Then a minimum 14 days for the mole to die.  We are looking for new activities after 2 weeks.   If new activity we can retreat these areas again under the warranty. Normally that's all it takes.  



Moles are easily identified by mounds of dirt that looks like a volcano.   The moles are exuviating dirt from sub tunnels, Den Tunnels and Dens.  The pushed up ground that you and I can see are called surface tunnels.   They just push up the dirt as they travel & feed on all types of insects.  

The Volcano like mounds are the best way to probe for deeper tunnels.  

Many can be confused if they have Moles or something else.  The Volcano like dirt mounds are a dead giveaway.